Welcome to Germany!

If you want to visit the well-known places in Germany like Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the Cathedral in Cologne or the Old Town of Heidelberg – do not proceed here! We are not going to show you those places.

This page takes you to places in Germany that are often overlooked by visitors from abroad. Additionally, we want to introduce you to interesting stories in Germany’s history.

More about trains

Germany is famous for its train services. I show you the more hidden networks and tracks. Additionally, you will learn something about the history.

More about history.
More about history.

Germany has a lot of very interesting history. Some of these events have influenced our modern life more than you might think.

More about architecture

There are many interesting architectural designs in Germany. I show the hidden and unusual ones that you would not expect.

More about cars

Ok. Germany and cars is a connection that is very obvious. But did you know why one of the brands shows four rings?

More about inventions

A lot of things that influence our modern life were invented in Germany. You might be surprised to learn something about some of them.

More about composers.

The German-Speaking countries gave birth to many famous composers. Learn more about some interesting stories about some them.

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